Non pensare, vai e basta!

Ciao tutti, Sometimes you have to just throw caution to the wind, shed your careful nature, stop overthinking and go. Growing up, my family didn't travel internationally. We are a family of six, so travel can get quite expensive. When I studied abroad in Italy though, I found my calling and passion to travel. Put me … Continue reading Non pensare, vai e basta!

The newly single life

Ciao ciao i miei compagni di viaggio!  So as I mentioned in my last two posts, I'm newly single - not newly married as I had planned. However, there is a new hope within me about my single life. I'm now freer than I have ever been, and I'm going to start taking advantage of … Continue reading The newly single life

Venezia La Bella

Ciao tutti! I’ve returned from my last overnight trip of the semester, which I guess is kind of sad because I won’t be travelling much, if at all, for my last few weeks.  However, travel takes a lot out of you, and I’ve been feeling that a lot so far this week.  I’m satisfied with … Continue reading Venezia La Bella

Climb Every Mountain

Hello everyone! So I’ve just returned from a whirlwind of a weekend.  Two of my great friends, Jessica and Tracey, and I caught the hiking bug and decided it was time: we had to find us some real live mountains.  I’m talking mountains, not the puny hills that make up Perugia.  My hiking boots needed … Continue reading Climb Every Mountain

A Parigi!

Hey everyone! I’m back!  It’s fall break, which started out with a day filled with chocolate in Perugia.  Eurochocolate is just as cool as it sounds, there’s booths set up all down the main streets with different kinds of chocolate, chocolate-themed accessories, free samples (!!), and in the main piazza there is a huge chocolate … Continue reading A Parigi!