Non pensare, vai e basta!

Ciao tutti,

Sometimes you have to just throw caution to the wind, shed your careful nature, stop overthinking and go.

Growing up, my family didn’t travel internationally. We are a family of six, so travel can get quite expensive. When I studied abroad in Italy though, I found my calling and passion to travel. Put me on a boat, a train, a plane, a bus, a metro and I am like a little kid, gazing out the window at the landscapes passing by.

However, because I was not raised traveling, sometimes I can get travel anxiety. It presents itself in the exaggerated amount of time I give myself so I won’t miss a flight, the many months in advance I plan trips, and the hours of research I do to find out about the place I’ll be going. I can’t help myself, I’m an overthinker.

Being a teacher, I have the unique issue of having three months off of work with little to do over the summer. A while ago, I applied to a bunch of different potential opportunities, one of which was a camp counselor position in Italy. I was super interested in it, but at the time I was looking at so many different things that I didn’t want to get too attached, and it kind of got lost in the shuffle of everyday life.

A few weeks ago, I received an out-of-the-blue e-mail telling me Congratulations! We’re delighted to offer you a position as an ACLE trainee tutor in our English summer camps. 

My initial reaction was pure surprise. I had kind of forgotten about this application and, all of a sudden, I had the very attractive option of going back to Italy (and all but flights already paid for!). My mind started going back to memories of cobblestone streets, ridiculous food, beautiful antique buildings, gorgeous seaside views of the Mediterranean, and I knew: I’m going to do this. I’m going to go to Italy this summer.

I was, and am still, so excited. After (finally, painfully) selling the house I’d bought with my ex, I have a surplus of funds seemingly to pay for this exact trip. But wait. Now I have to book flights and decide how long I want to stay for and how much I want to spend and how long I want to travel afterwards and where I want to go when I’m there and as you can see, the travel anxiety is kicking in.

But as I look at flights to Nice and hiking trails in Cinque Terre and reminscing about all the trattorias and views I fell in love with when I lived in Perugia, the anxiety melts away and is replaced with pure joy and excitement. Sometimes you just have to say to all the doubts in your head “SHUT UP” and choose to be optimistic instead.

I’m learning how to stop thinking and just go. Non pensare, vai e basta!

Till next time,


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