The newly single life

Ciao ciao i miei compagni di viaggio!

 So as I mentioned in my last two posts, I’m newly single – not newly married as I had planned.

However, there is a new hope within me about my single life. I’m now freer than I have ever been, and I’m going to start taking advantage of that.

My friends in various places have offered up free tours of their hometowns and couches for me to sleep on. I’m also currently planning a trip with a friend to … drum roll please … ITALIA!

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Ironically, the same semester I was in Perugia, she was also studying abroad in Rome. We didn’t know each other at that time in our lives, so we missed out on a golden opportunity to travel together in the country of delicious food and welcoming people. However, we are setting that to rights as soon as possible.

So expect there to be more travel blogging in the near future, as I’ve been bit pretty hard by the travel bug and now can’t get traveling off my mind.

Another side of the newly single life that I’ve really appreciated is the extra time I now have. I’ve spent much of this time doing things I haven’t done in what feels like forever – browsing around Carytown, writing on this blog, trying out new restaurants with friends who live in the city, walking by the river, playing piano and ukulele, reading so many books, and hosting social things (like 1940’s-themed Christmas parties).


Part of me believes that getting into these hobbies are all part of the grieving process, that I’m just trying to fill my time with things and keep my mind busy. But another, more hopeful, part believes that these are the things that make me me and I’m finally returning to myself.

As part of a couple, I started finding myself neglecting things that I love, and taking on his personality and hobbies (which were minimal). Now that we are no longer together, I have the freedom to spend time on my things and grow in ways I never thought possible even a month ago.

Con amore,


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