The beauty of a rainy day


If any of you live in the Richmond area, you would know that after one beautiful sunny day on Sunday, we’ve had consistently grey, cloudy days. Some people hate this kind of weather. I’m not one of those people.

Rainy Drive to Peaks of Otter

Rainy drive to Peaks of Otter


When it’s warm and a little muggy, and there’s a light rain, I couldn’t be happier. For some reason my mood almost always correlates with the weather. If it’s bright, sunny, and warm, I’m excited by life and want nothing more than to be outside. When it’s cold, I’m miserable and all I want is to stay snuggled in my warm bed all day. When there’s a spring rain, I’m contemplative. I tend to use this kind of weather as an excuse to turn inward and collect my thoughts. I journal more, think more, plan more, listen to more music, and drink more tea.


Hummingbird eggs


The sudden warmth of spring and rain showers have brought the birds out from hiding. There are nests in every tree and the sound of chirping is constantly in the air. Being near wildlife has always made me feel deep sense of wonder and forget myself. I don’t think I could ever live happily in a treeless place. I grew up with trees in my backyard, and forests surrounding my neighborhood and my schools. Now that the area is getting more developed, we’re starting to lose more and more of our trees, which saddens me.


Wildflower in Shenandoah


When I lived in Perugia, I was astounded by the lack of trees. Obviously we were surrounded by the rolling hills reminiscent of Tuscany, with olive groves and farms reaching as far as the eye can see. But in the city center, where I actually lived, there were no trees to be seen (unless you count the pine trees they put in the piazza at Christmas). This meant that the only birds we came in regular contact with were those rats of the sky… pigeons. I grew to really hate those things and their incessant cooing. Especially the ones that lived next to my apartment window on Via Oberdan.


Pigeons in Venice


I really love springtime. I enjoy all the seasons, but spring is especially exciting. Finally (finally!) the snow is gone. The temperature is always warm and there’s almost daily rain showers. And the wildlife relishes its return from the harsh winter.

Con amore,


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