When senioritis strikes


Lots of things have happened since I last blogged and I will attempt to organize them, as always, in a list:

William and Mary

A while ago I wrote a post about how I didn’t get the Fulbright grant. Yes, it was sad. But I knew that God had something better for me, and I was right. Yesterday, I received news from William and Mary. I got in to their Master’s program for Elementary Education! After telling everyone I knew about my news, the reality sunk in. I actually have a plan now. Well, at least for the next year.

I’m going to learn how to be the best elementary school teacher I can be, and then I’m going to be one for real.


No amount of words can describe how many emotions I feel when I think about that. My earliest memories of playing with my sister were of us playing classroom, and me making tests for her to take on a book I made her read. I’ll admit, I was a pretty controlling little youngster. But those were the kinds of things I enjoyed doing. I enjoyed making lists, writing on whiteboards and chalkboards, reading and talking about books, and showing people all the new things I learned (as I still do today).

Combine that with my love for the girls I mentor on Sunday mornings and the many students I’ve helped tutor, this just seems like the perfect fit for me. Even though I have no idea what will actually happen in my life, or what adventures await me, I’m going to give my all to this next chapter of my life and make the most of it, just like I did in Italy.


Speaking of Italy, guess what? You might remember my two wonderful friends Jessica and Alea from my semester in Italy (they’re also on my shoutouts page). The three of us cooked up the most awesome plot in the history of plots. We’re going to spend the ten days after graduation in Colorado!

Making wishes in Rome (Alea, Jess, me)

Making wishes in Rome (Alea, Jess, me)

Yes, that’s right. Not only am I going to be in the the wild, wild west for the first time EVER, but we are having the most ridiculously exciting reunion in the world. I haven’t seen Alea in person since we left Italy in December of 2013, and after our many skype dates, I have realized just how much I miss her smiling face in my life. The three of us have explored so many Italian cities together, like Assisi, Rome, Venice, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast, and I cannot wait for Alea to show us around her town of Boulder and the majestic Rockies.

I could rant about how excited I am about this trip for the rest of this blog post, but I will spare you that.

On our way to Rome: Alea and Jess

The excitement continues!


(These last two points are just random thoughts I’ve had lately about school and being a senior. Nothing too exciting.)

The Present

Currently, I’m working on a senior thesis that will be due in April. Of course, by “working on” I actually mean attempting to read pages upon pages of sources, but browsing Buzzfeed and making Spotify playlists instead. But no, I actually am really interested in my topic (Italy’s response to immigration from Northern Africa) and I do want to start the writing process. It’s just time-consuming to sift through so much information for the specifics that I want to base my argument on. My one motivation to do work is the cutest little coffee shop that my friend just showed me the other day in Carytown. There’s Italian maps on the tables, comfy sofas, and a piano you can play if you want. They even serve their coffee in mismatched mugs! She told me it’s the best place to study and do research, so I’ll be going there a lot the next few weeks.

10 Italian Cafe

10 Italian Cafe

One of my professors from last semester apparently really liked the 17-pager I wrote for the majority of my grade, and wanted me to present it at the Arts & Sciences Symposium in April. After much hesitation at the thought of presenting a complex topic in front of a bunch of people, I finally forced myself to do it. And then while I was at it, I decided to sign up to present my thesis too. “Why not?” I thought to myself. “I’m already going to have a presentation practiced for my thesis anyway. It’ll be easy.”

Now I’m kind of regretting that decision to present two papers on migration to Europe for 20-30 minutes each at the symposium. That’s a lot of presenting for an introvert.

The Future

Being a second-semester senior as an undergrad is a lot like being a second-semester senior in high school, but it’s also so different. The amount of senior-itis is definitely the same. The longing for summer is too. But as a senior in high school, you’re focused on what the senior prank will be and what you’ll wear to your senior prom, and then you’re headed off to college. There’s so much time to figure things out. There’s no pressure for the first few years to think about the future.

As a senior in college, thinking about the future becomes one of your  main occupations. What job will I get? What will my significant other and I do when we graduate? Should I go to grad school? There are constantly questions that can’t be answered just yet, and so much pressure to have the ultimate success story, the dream job, and the perfect plan.

Now that I have a plan for my education for the next year, I can relax… but only slightly. I still have to deal with the relationship questions, figure out what job I want to end up with, and learn to continually trust in God with all of this. It’s definitely a tougher situation now than it was four years ago. It’s so hard to be patient and not try to plan every little thing. Trying to plan for things you don’t know yet only leaves you frustrated, anxious, and drained. I’d rather leave it up to God and live every day knowing that he will provide.

Grazie mille per leggere il mio sproloquio!

Con amore,


One thought on “When senioritis strikes

  1. Gilda Wilson says:

    Just love it!! Leaving it all in very capable hands He’s not failed you yet. Go ABBY and hit the ground running. I just can’t shake the picture of you as a little kindergartener actually hitting the ground when I ‘d say that to you. But oh the places your going and have yet to go. God’s alive and well in your life. So thrilled for you to have peace with the path He has forged for you. Love you so much, MOM:)


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