‘Tis the Season


It’s been absolutely forever since I’ve written anything, as usual. But of course, now that I have the most schoolwork of the semester due this week, I feel compelled to blog.

First off, me and Jessica went on another adventure in mid-October for both of our fall breaks to Boston. I was born in Leominster, which I believe is an hour outside the city. Needless to say, I hadn’t been that far north since I was 2. The fall colors and flavors, catching up with new friends and friends from abroad, and adventuring with Jess were all so wonderful. Although I was pretty tuckered out from doing school and needed some down time, I made myself power through and take in everything as best as I could. Here are a few pics from our travels:

Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA

Rockport, MA  (notice the dancing bear)


...sums up the entire trip

…sums up the entire trip

Boston Common - Boston, MA

Boston Common – Boston, MA

The Statehouse - Boston, MA

The Statehouse – Boston, MA

Harvard - Cambridge, MA

Harvard – Cambridge, MA

Other than that, this semester has been filled with emotional ups and downs, stresses and joys. It’s really easy to feel overwhelmed in college, and especially in the final year. I’m constantly being stretched academically, emotionally, physically (I’ve been doing some running finally!), and spiritually. Every day is a long trudge through papers and tests, time with friends, with Tom, and with family, making sure to work out and eat healthy as much as possible. I’ve been telling my friends and family that I’m so ready to finish school and be out in the real world, doing real things. But I think the biggest thing I’m looking forward to is not having to stretch my brain and my schedule in so many different directions. I’ll start thinking about one thing I have to do related to classwork, and then realize I have to pick classes for next semester, and then realize I need to plan for Italian club events, and then realize that I have a meeting to go to, and then realize that I forgot to call someone. It’s a chaotic train of thought to say the least.

University of Richmond, VA

Jepson Quad – University of Richmond, VA

University of Richmond, VA

Westhampton Lake – University of Richmond, VA

With me and all my planning, it’s tempting to get sucked into all the stress and worry. Setting aside time to spend with good friends who care for my well-being and spiritual health really takes a load off sometimes. Me and Tom have started going to a weekly small group from our church filled with people in their mid to late 20s. At first it was a little bit strange hearing about their real jobs and their married siblings, but we’ve both already learned so much from them. The other day, I met with one of the girls from the group, and we had some really good conversation. She told me that there is a reason God created winter, spring, summer, and fall. Each season is very different and leads into the next, but not always seamlessly, just like our seasons of life. She also told me that we never really appreciate the “good ole times” while we’re in them. I think that both those statements are very true and also super applicable to my current state.

University of Richmond, VA

One day, I’ll miss this view.

There will be one day in the future when I will look back at the simplicity and ease of living on a college campus and wish I could go back. There will be a day when I wish I lived next door to friends my age. There will be a day when I miss sitting in class and learning new things, and exploring topics in-depth. I feel like most people don’t really know what they’ve got til it’s gone (just like that song). Living in the moment and choosing joy over worry or fear can really change your perspective and keep your soul healthy.

Maybe that’s why I feel totally okay with putting off writing a paper for an hour to write this blog.

Con amore,



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