Ciao ciao i miei amici!

Sorry I’ve been MIA for a significant period of time. It’s been a stressful start to my final year of college, what with my Fulbright application, classes, clubs, etc.

The busy streets of Florence

The busy streets of Florence

I honestly can’t tell you whether I will continue this blog throughout the school year or not because of the busyness of my schedule. Tom likes to tell me that I have a problem with being overcommitted. My real problem is that everything seems so exciting and so interesting that I can’t help but try it out. The first few years of college were a bit bland compared to my endless activities, meetings, and sports practices in high school, and it seems like I’m trying to replicate that involvement in this final year of school.

Two of my favorite professors at UR are a major part of the Italian department (which makes total sense since I’m an Italian major). Because I’ve shown real interest in their classes, they’ve seemingly double-teamed me and roped me into every Italian activity and leadership role on campus. I’m not complaining, because I love Italy and learning about Italian culture and trying my best to speak Italian, but it does take a toll on my mental state.




I’ve also been continuously muddling through my job at our office for international education. I tell everyone I know that I love this job, but at the same time, I really struggle sometimes. Take for example my shift yesterday where I successfully failed three times in printing a shipping label to mail packages to two of our international partner institutions. FedEx is the bane of my existence, which is ironic since my dad now works for them. That’s not all though. Every time I’m faced with a ringing phone, a confused international student, or a conversation with one of the advisors, I turn into the epitome of an awkward human being and can’t seem to articulate any coherent (let alone intelligent) thoughts.

Such is my life.

I really hate these boxes.

I really hate these boxes.

Thankfully, my classes don’t seem like they will be extremely difficult. Except for maybe the one on European politics, which I have to write a 3 page paper for by Monday about the European economy. Now I’m thinking it might have been a good idea to try out a econ class.

While all these things do seem to pile on during the week, I still have nice moments that bring me joy. Exhibit A: my time spent with Tom which always takes my stress levels down a notch. Exhibit B: getting to chat with Jess about the most random things whenever I want. Exhibit C: having hilarious conversations with good friends. Exhibit D: being a small group leader at church for the 4th and 5th grade girls.

Sunday is easily my favorite day of the week. First, I get to sit in church and worship and learn with Tom sitting next to me. Then I get to chat with him about the sermon, which always develops into a great conversation. And then when I go to kids church, the fun really begins. The girls I have the privilege of talking with each week are so special and such wonderful people. Being with the kids puts a beaming smile on my face the moment I walk in the room. I’ve done some pretty embarrassing stuff that the kids eat up (Like going up on stage and shooting Trix cereal out of my nose. I’m not even kidding.) and I also embarrass them by making them sing along and do the motions to the songs. Every week without fail, I always have fun laughing and chatting with my girls about their lives and their faith.

As a small group leader, I have been given such a great opportunity to show kindness to young girls and lead by example. With two younger sisters, I’ve always been aware of the fact that they will try to emulate everything I do and I try my best to be a responsible role model for them. I fail many times with this since I always seem to forget that no matter what I say, my actions will always mean more than my words. On Sunday mornings, I get to practice being a good example even more and, in turn, I can use this practice in my relationships with my sisters.

I'll take the blame for their craziness.

I’ll take the blame for their craziness.

One thing is for sure, the anxiety and stress that come from a hectic schedule often result in behavior and attitudes that I would rather not let my sisters see. It’s going to be an ongoing process for me to continue handing my burdens over to God and staying connected to Him through my quiet times, which have become sparse these past few weeks.

Disclaimer: I can tell you right now that this blog is going to end up being a platform from which I can vent about the craziness of my life for the rest of this chaotic semester, so I wouldn’t build any high expectations for deep and interesting posts about things that matter.

Con amore,


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