Mamma mia!

Ciao tutti!

Today is a very important day at my house, not because it’s soon to be the fourth of July, but because it’s my mother’s birthday.

My mom is a beautiful, God-fearing woman. Our relationship is at that place where she is my mother first and foremost, but she’s also becoming more of a friend as I get older. The little things she does for me remind me how supportive, encouraging, and loving she is and has always been. Our personalities tend to butt heads and we have our typical mother-daughter disputes, but through all of that, she has influenced who I am today and continues to stand by me as I grow into an adult.

She doesn’t raise any “girly girls.”  Because of this, I’m not one to worry too much about hair and makeup, getting muddy doesn’t phase me, and I’m not drawn to the drama of other people’s lives.


She puts great value on hard work and dedication to school. Because of her encouragement and help throughout the years, I’ve grown into a great student who knows how to use her talents. I’ve learned that if I really want to achieve something, I have to take initiative and do it myself.



She doesn’t take things for granted like I tend to do. My mom was the one behind the scenes of my life, planning birthday parties, packing my lunch with a note saying she loves me, cheering on the sidelines as I blocked goals and landed cartwheels, and giving me hugs and advice when I most needed it. I’ll admit, I’ve taken her kind gestures for granted sometimes. She, on the other hand, never takes her children for granted, and would drop everything to help us with anything.


She has a talent for organizing and creating beauty. Not only was my mom one of the best beauticians of her time in Pittsburgh, but she continues to use her talent with her family. All of my friends were jealous that I didn’t have to spend a dime on my prom hairdo or makeup. But her artistic form doesn’t stop there. She’s used our front and back yards as canvases and painted them with beautiful flowers of every color of the rainbow, some as small as your thumbnail and others as big as your head. I’m so thankful that I’m able to admire her handiwork whenever I look outside.


She puts God above all else. My mother’s relationship with God serves as motivation for me in my own faith. She truly relies on Him in and through everything that is thrown at her or at our family. God has changed her life and she lets everyone around her know it. I aspire to have that kind of faith someday.


Grazie mille mamma per tutto che mi insegnava e tanti auguri!

Con amore,


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