Ciao tutti! I just want to give everyone a little window of the ever-present irony in my life. First of all, let me share the entry below that I was writing on Friday before heading down south for a lovely weekend at my wonderful study abroad partner-in-crime Jessica's beautiful home in Charleston, SC. I often … Continue reading Irony

Mamma mia!

Ciao tutti! Today is a very important day at my house, not because it's soon to be the fourth of July, but because it's my mother's birthday. My mom is a beautiful, God-fearing woman. Our relationship is at that place where she is my mother first and foremost, but she's also becoming more of a friend … Continue reading Mamma mia!

The dog days of summer

Ciao! Now that it is the first of July already, the figurative (and literal) dog days of summer have begun. It is not only the start of some massive summer heat in the city of Richmond, but for me it is the start of a new era in my family's household. This is because we … Continue reading The dog days of summer