Buon Giorno Italia!

Hello all! I'm finally here!  I made it through the airports, flights, and baggage claims with no difficulty (other than sitting in the wrong seat accidentally on both flights... travel amateur).  When I arrived in the airport in Rome, I had to sit and wait for an Umbra staff member for about an hour and … Continue reading Buon Giorno Italia!

Pre-Study Abroad Jitters

Hello again, So here I am two days before I leave the US for the wonderful country of Italia, and I'm staring at an empty suitcase.  Packing that suitcase is like admitting that I'm going to be gone for an entire semester, living in a foreign place, with foreign people and leaving all comfort and … Continue reading Pre-Study Abroad Jitters

A Little Background And Some First Thoughts

Hello everyone, I have decided to start this blog so that my friends and family can keep updated with my adventuring (and eating) while I'm studying abroad in Italy this fall semester.  I'll try to update it as much as I can! I will be studying at the Umbra Institute in Perugia, Italy, which is … Continue reading A Little Background And Some First Thoughts