Updates from “the real world”

Ciao tutti! I've been absolutely horrible at keeping this blog up, for multiple reasons: I am now living in a new town with a new apartment with new kitchen utensils. I finally caved and got an iPhone. Now I get why all you Apple people love them so much. Grad school takes up the majority … Continue reading Updates from “the real world”


Do you remember?

Ciao! There's something about Jack Johnson. Whenever I listen to his music, it takes me back to simpler times. My older brother was the one who first introduced me to Jack's beachy style, and it made me feel so cool to be listening to the same music as him. That was in high school, when … Continue reading Do you remember?

The beauty of a rainy day

Ciao! If any of you live in the Richmond area, you would know that after one beautiful sunny day on Sunday, we've had consistently grey, cloudy days. Some people hate this kind of weather. I'm not one of those people.   When it's warm and a little muggy, and there's a light rain, I couldn't be happier. … Continue reading The beauty of a rainy day

When senioritis strikes

Ciao! Lots of things have happened since I last blogged and I will attempt to organize them, as always, in a list: William and Mary A while ago I wrote a post about how I didn't get the Fulbright grant. Yes, it was sad. But I knew that God had something better for me, and … Continue reading When senioritis strikes

New year, new perspectives

Ciao! Coming into 2015, I've already been hit with a lot in only a month. This year is still a big unknown, but at least some plans are being put into place. First of all, Fulbright is a no-go. Looking back on the end of the summer when I really got into the application process, … Continue reading New year, new perspectives

The unexpected journey

Ciao! My last fall semester of my undergraduate career has finally come to its end, amidst a flurry of hurried paper-writing and studying late into the night. Now that I'm back home with my huge bed with flannel sheets, Christmas decorations everywhere, and the luxury of sitting back with Netflix and a mug of tea, … Continue reading The unexpected journey

Christmas blues

Ciao! Now that I just had to leave my awesome family and adorable puppy after a great Thanksgiving break, I wish I could stay home more than ever.  It's this time of year when I'm usually whining about wanting to enjoy the Christmas season and not do schoolwork. Tom likes to call it the "Christmas … Continue reading Christmas blues